«TARGETEX» has extensive experience in freight forwarding. Having our own offices in the basic ports, extensive contacts with stevedoring companies, customs and other regulatory agencies, warehouses and container terminals allow port forwarding of cargoes of our customers with high quality and in the shortest possible time.

Our Services:

• transshipment in ports (stevedoring, storage and storage of goods, services, survey, etc.);

• receipt cargoes unloading of the site or warehouse;

• storage, warehousing and container operations;

• moving of cargoes in the cargo front;

• loading / unloading vessels;

• additional cargo operations (stowage, separation, fixing, providing fumigation, marksheider measurements, etc.);

• drawing up doсuments (receiving acts, cargo manifest, cargo plan, Mate’s receipt, Bill of Lading, orders, etc..);

• agent services;

• overload in the port to another type of rolling stock (tank-top, container-wagon).